Webb Software,LLC
PO Box 739
Ball, LA 71405


Internet Services
  • Web-hosting (WWW, FTP, and E-Mail)
  • Support for existing sites
  • Website design and creation, especially "dynamic" or "data-driven" applications. (PHP and ASP)
  • Domain registration, DNS Hosting, and Site Monitoring

Traditional Information Technology
  • ERP Consulting / Business Consulting
  • Infrastructure Review and Planning
  • Script (Thompson AWK, VBScript, batch files, etc.) programming
  • Integration and automation programming
  • Database design and development

Business Consulting
  • Workflow processing and documentation
  • Project management

Automate Transmission of Data to Service Providers
  1. Automating the transmission ensures consistency and timeliness.
  2. Encryption provides data security and maintains compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, et. al.
  3. Changes and updates to scripts can be maintained by Webb Software, your staff, or other professional consultants.
  4. Most solutions use robust, open-source components.
Back Up Your Data Securely!
  1. Secure transmission and encrypted online storage.
  2. Use one account to backup multiple computers, each with its own settings.
  3. Pay only for what you use. $2 per GB per Month.
  4. Selectively share folders with a password you provide.
  5. Choose between Continuous Data Protection (automatic) or Scheduled for a specific time of day (requires some technical knowledge).
  6. Try it before you buy it!
I have been using this for some time personally and with a couple of not-for-profits.

You can learn more or create a trial account by clicking below: Click to Explore Data Deposit Box

If you need assistance in the configuration, I can assist you using via remote support software. [High-speed connection needed.] Call the my web support line, 318-290-3160, if you want to discuss this further.