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Products and Services

Internet Services. I have many years experience in web/ftp/email hosting, domain registration, DNS hosting, and server monitoring in addition to the traditional "webmaster" services.  
Web Applications. I have substantial experience in developing and maintaining web applications, ranging from traditional web site display to data control panels to customer-facing features. [This website uses such "data-driven" techniques.]  
Automation of Data Transmission. I can use my experience in scripting to automate the data transmission to service providers and business partners.
  • Automating the transmission ensures consistency and timeliness.
  • Encryption provides data security and maintains compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, et. al.
  • Changes and updates to scripts can be maintained by Webb Software, your staff, or other professional consultants.
  • Most solutions use robust, open-source components.
Avante Consulting. I have 8 years of experience with Avante, Unidata, and Optio DCS, and I can be a good supplement (but not a replacement) to the services provided by Epicor. 
Mailing Services. A partner company (of which I am a shareholder and unpaid Director), Peregrine Services, offers mailing services. Benefits:
  • Reduced postage cost.
  • Reduced cost for pre-printed forms and envelopes.
  • Elimination of forms storage costs.
  • Improvied cash flow
  • Enhanced look for your bill, invoice, and/or statement.
  • Reduction of time for your documents to reach your customers.
  • Customization of your bill, invoice, or statement without changing your application software.
Back Up Your Data Securely with Data Deposit Box!
  • Secure transmission and encrypted online storage.
  • Use one account to backup multiple computers, each with its own settings.
  • Pay only for what you use. $2 per GB per Month.
  • Selectively share folders with a password you provide.
  • Choose between Continuous Data Protection (automatic) or Scheduled for a specific time of day (requires some technical knowledge).
  • Try it before you buy it!
Read more or create a trial account at Data Deposit Box. Contact me (info@webbsoftware.com or 318-290-3160) if you need to discuss if this will work for you and/or if you need assistance in configuration.

Raising Capital for our Start-up or Early-Stage Company
Learn how from my associates at Commonwealth Capital Advisors. This link will get you discounts on their products.